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Since authorities have started to crack down on Bitcoin exchanges, we no longer promote them. We might be back when this changes. Meanhile, enjoy some Bitcoin casino games.
Market Place Fees API Owned By Headquarters Server
TradeHill 0.50% Yes TradeHill Company Limited Chile Sweden
Bitcoin7 0.57% Yes AbuDhabi 2010 Limited #201367656 Bulgaria Bulgaria
Mt. Gox 0.55% Yes Tibanne Co. Ltd. Japan U.S.

Trade Bitcoins tradeIn order to reach perfection in the Bitcoins trade, you will not only have a sound trading strategy, but you also need to find the best places to trade Bitcoins, and you will need to connect to them through their APIs in order to make automatic Bitcoin trades. This means that you can have your script make a Bitcoins trade each time some certain variables are set, making you make money all automatically in the end. You will need to setup your own bot that makes a Bitcoins trade each time some specific criterion are met, for example the difference in buy and sell prices on two different sites is big enough.

Bitcoins Trade

Here we are writing all about how to trade Bitcoins. Bitcoin is a crypto-currency that has quickly grown in popularity, driven by peer-to-peer technology. The technology provides many features, like anonymous transfers and a self controlling system. Bitcoin currency is at the time of writing Beta, and we are eagerly waiting for it to develop. We continuously monitor what happens to the few Bitcoin markets out there that are already up and running. The last few months have been quite turbulent and we are now waiting to see what will be the next mayor development in the Bitcoins trade.